Hamakua Directory

Nature. Culture. Entertainment. Find it all in Hāmākua. This section provides a rich resource of sites to see, places to explore, and stops you can take to experience the ultimate in Big Island destinations. We will update this regularly to keep you up-to-date of the latest events, store openings, and hidden treasures we may have not yet included.

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  • Abbey's Barber and Beauty Shop

    45-3396 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0900
  • Ahualoa Alpacas

    46-3859 Kahana Drive Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-343-4567
    Ahualoa Alpacas sells fleece and products from our herd of alpacas. Coming soon: Maremma livestock guardian dog stud service.
  • Ahualoa Country Cottage

    P.O. Box 1081 Honoka'a, HI 96727 Honokaa 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9738
    Bed & Breakfast in lovely Ahualoa. The link listed takes you to a listing of Ahualoa neighbors with photos of our property and other area businesses and farms.
  • Ahualoa Farms

    46-3692 Old Mamalahoa Hwy Honokaa Hawaii 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1821
    Ahualoa Farms is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Offering Hawaii macadamia nuts, Hawaii coffee, and more. Order online today! Salted macadamia nuts, roasted macadamia nuts, chocolate macadamia nuts, gourmet coffee, flavored coffee, roasted coffee.
  • Ahualoa Tea & Egg Farm

    46-4091 Old Mamalahoa Hwy. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808 775-9410
    Our farm sells hand-grown specialty tea and grass-fed, free-range eggs in the neighborhood of Ahualoa. Our tea is grown with beyond-organic methods, in a perfect misty climate at high elevation and careful hand-processing for a complex, smooth tea.
  • Aina Store

    45-3610 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1251
  • Akioka, Edmond O. DDS

    PO Box 1455 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0624
  • Alembic International Ltd.

    PO Box 1941 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1478 http://www.alembicinternational.org
    Alembic International Ltd. imports and exports a wide range of tropical fruits, roots, herbs and vegetables, and nutraceuticals. Located on the Big Island of Hawai'i, Alembic is committed to providing superior quality and service to markets in the United... Read More
  • Algae-Mildew Busters

    Ph: 808-775-0203
  • Aloha Baptist Church

    45-3327 Kou St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7320
  • Aloha Origami

    46-4091 Old Mamalahoa Hwy Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-9410
    Deb Pun Discoe is an origami teacher, an avid folder and a long time member of OrigamiUSA and British Origami Society. Since 1998, Deb has been learning from the top origami masters around the world and sharing this art to adults and children. She is
  • Aloha Rejuvenation Therapy

    48-5398 Kukuihaele Rd Honokaa/Kukuihaele Hi 96727
    Ph: 775-9130
    Intuitive massages and yoga sessions allow clients insight and wisdom into their body and mind patterns. You witness your self and see the steps to change, create self healing and the art of "letting go"...the key to happiness. Offering Yoga , Meditation
  • Aloha Tours & Safari

    PO Box 10 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0338 http://www.alohasafaris.com/index.php
    African safari tours check out our fantastic photos!
  • AMP Electric

    Ph: 808-775-7315
  • Arc of Kona/Kona Crafts

    45-539 Plumeria St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1090 http://www.arcofkona.org/history.html
    In 1962, a group of local residents, led by Dr. Kid "Doc" McCoy held a meeting to focus on the need for a locally operated program to serve the disabled.
  • Art by Janice Gail

    PO Box 1261 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0466
    Watercolors, oils, and pastels. Local scenes, plantation architecture. Portraits. See some of my work at Taro Patch Gifts in downtown Honokaa, and at the Waipio Artworks Gallery in Kukuihaele. Art instruction available.
  • B. Ikeuchi & Sons, Inc.

    45-495 Lehua St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 7750600
    Hardware, plumbing,lawn and garden
  • Bamboo Harmony Acupuncture Clinic

    PO Box 1100 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-217-6490
    Bamboo Harmony Acupuncture Clinic Specializing in Japanese styles of acupuncture. Sei Tai Shimpo - Focusing on structural alignment & balacing the whole body. Shonishin - Focusing on children's health without needles. Using acupuncture points & meridians
  • Barbara L. Franklin Esq

    45-3438 Mamane St. Bldg 2 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0530 http://www.island-law.com
    At the law office of Barbara L. Franklin. Esq. the primary focus of my practice is helping people with bankruptcy and real estate matters. My office is located in the County of Hawaii on the Island of Hawaii in the State of Hawaii. I represent clients... Read More
  • Barbara L. Franklin, Esq., Attorney at Law

    45-3438 Mamane St., Bldg 2 Honokaa Hawaii 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-0530
    www.island-law.com Bankruptcy law: I represent individuals and business owners experiencing financial problems. My vast experience on this topic allows me to provide sound advice to debtors or creditors. I also represent trustees, creditors, clients
  • Barbara L. Franklin, Esq., Attorney at Law

    45-3438 Mamane Street, Bldg 2 P.O. Box 9 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-0530
    Bankruptcy: I represent individuals and business owners experiencing financial problems. My vast experience on this topic allows me to provide sound advice to debtors or creditors. I also represent trustees, creditors, clients and other individuals in
  • Big Island Elite Limousine Service

    Ph: 808-885-0561
    Got Limo!
  • Big Island Grown

    45-3626 Mamane St. C Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9777
    Big Island Grown is a local gift shop specializing exclusively in Big Island products. A diverse array of goods including art, jewelry, gourmet snacks, coffee, tea, honey, clothing, hair and body care.
  • Big Island Mechanical

    Ph: 808-775-0942
  • Blanes Drive In

    45-497 Kika St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7220
    Local plate lunches, saimin, chili, burgers, fries and more
  • Botelho Properties

    PO Box 183 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7291
  • Boyz Welding Repairs

    Ph: 808-776-1092
  • Brantley Center

    PO Box 1407 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7245
  • Brent's TV and Appliance Repair

    Ph: 808-938-6613
    Owner: Brent Matsuda
  • Business Services Hawaii

    Ph: 959-1436
    Honokaa Transfer Station Aluminum Recycling
  • Café Il Mondo

    45-3626A Mamane St.
    Ph: 808-775-7711
    "Sergio's" Italian Cuisine
  • Cathy's Angelite Om

    45-3611 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9400 http://www.angeliteom.com
    Come hug the largest earth keeper crystal in Hawai'i! ELA is a 1,000 pound elestial double terminated earth keeper crystal. Angelite is a remarkable and little known mineral which made its public appearance during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.... Read More
  • CC Jon's Snack-In' Shoppe

    45-3390 Mamane Street Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-937-1912 http://www.honokaa.org/cc-jons/
    When you see the CC Johns snack shop you know it’s been there for a while. Entering it feels like you have gone back in time; a simple, 9 stool “L” shaped counter with an additional stool composed of a large, old, cylindrical milk container; grill in... Read More
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

    Ph: 808-775-7348
  • Clarissa Passos Gallery

    43-3625 Mamane st. Unit 4 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808 8858563
    Contemporary Artist Gallery located in the heart of Honokaa town on Mamane st. Art lessons available!
  • Cliffside View of Waipio Coast

    Ph: (303) 449-8527
    Vacation Rentals by Owner Listing #255626
  • Coastline Express

    45-3596 Mamane St Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7321
  • Computer Software WUF

    Ph: 808-775-1625
  • Convenience Plus, LLC

    45-3244 Mamalahoa Hwy Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8187
  • County Highways Baseyard

    Honoka'a HI
    Ph: 808-775-7500
    County Highways Baseyard
  • De Rego's Services, LLC

    Ph: 808-776-1625
    Owner: Gary De Rego Heavy Equipment, Earthmoving
  • DOE - Literacy Hotline

    Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8876
    Information on literacy issues and services
  • DOE - School Assessment Liason

    Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8876
    DOE complaints interface
  • Edwin De Luz Trucking & Gravel

    PO Box 406 Paauilo HI 96776
    Ph: 808-776-1652
  • Energy Healing Therapy

    PO Box 2043 Honokaa, HI 96727 36-2775 Loyola Rd Laupahoehoe, HI 96764 Laupahoehoe HI 96764
    Ph: 808-962-6555
    Energy Healing Therapy with Martin Davis utilizes four healing & transformational energy modalities: healing touch, lovestream, reiki & infinity-forms of yellow. They complement & enhance traditional medical care & psychotherapy. Contacts: Marty Davis
  • Energy Plus Electric, LLC

    44-2541 Keahua Rd Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808 775-7167
    Electrical Contractor for new residential or commercial construction. Design and install Alternative energy systems such Solar (PV) and Wind.
  • Environmental Vector Control

    Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8860
    Pest and disease information
  • Fentiman Decambra Gen Contractor

    PO Box 372 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-885-6372
  • Friendly Crane

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7745
  • Ganley Farm & Yard Maintenance

    Honokaa HI
    Ph: (808) 775-0640
    Farm and yard maintenance, and organic white tiger pineapples.
  • GK Environmental LLC

    Ph: 808-775-1520
    Environmental Consultants
  • Grace Flowers

    45-3626 Mamane St. D Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-443-3999
    Grace Flowers is a lovely floral boutique in downtown Honokaa. Specializing in local flowers and providing lei, bouquets, arrangements, centerpieces, loose flowers, live plants and world peace through flowers
  • Green Acres Lawn Care

    Honokaa Hawaii 96727
    Ph: 808-443-1105
    Landscape Maintenance Company for Residential or Commercial properties. Monthly maintenance or One-time clean ups. For more information give us a call or visit our website www.wedograss.com Online Payments Accepted!
  • Hair Expression by Anna

    Ph: 808-775-9277
  • Hale 'O Mahea-Lani

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-0896
    Hale 'O Mahea-lani, the House of the Full Moon, is situated on five lush manicured acres. From your two lanais you have sweeping unobstructed views of the ocean and the island of Maui. Watch the whales breaching from your home in paradise. You also can
  • Hale Hamakua Guest House

    Honoka'a HI
    Ph: (808) 775-9911
    Vacation Rentals by Owner Listing #172669 Phone 2: (808) 640-7103
  • Hale Ho'ola Hamakua

    45-547 Plumeria Street Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7211
    Critical Access Hospita and Long-term care facility, serving Honoka'a and the surrounding communities; "hidden treasure" of Honoka'a and the Big Island
  • Hale Ho'ola Hamakua

    Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8173
    Care Facility
  • Hale Ho'ola Hamakua Corporate Office

    Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7211
    Management office
  • Hale Kalopa Orchids

    P.O. Box 1225 Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0008
    Hale Kalopa Orchids is a new certified orchid nursery growing intermediate altitude Miltoniopsis and South American intergeneric orchids primarily for shipment, in spike, to the mainland.
  • Hamakua Baptist Mission

    35-244 Kaihailani Homestead Rd. Laupahoehoe HI
    Ph: 808-962-1005
  • Hamakua Builders

    Ph: 808-775-7168
  • Hamakua Coast Realty

    45-962 Pakalana Street Ste #3 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-1422 http://www.hamakuacoast.com
    Welcome to the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii, where landscapes are rich and vast and views stretch from mountain to ocean. The Hamakua region, nestled along the northern coast of Hawaii Island, is a fertile blend of diverse culture and charming homesteads. At... Read More
  • Hamakua Coast Realty Property Mangement

    45-3625 A Mamane Street Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808.775.1422
    Hamakua Coast Realty Property Management provides professional management of residential and vacation rental properties on the Hamakua Coast. Our web site provides a full list of services.
  • Hamakua Country Club

    45-3280 Mamalahoa Hwy Box 751 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7244
    Fall/Winter SPECIAL!! September - January ONE MONTH OF UNLIMITED GOLFING FOR ONLY $45!!! Watch for the Grand Re-opening party for out "19th Hole" You can't miss this small, hilly, and charming golf course in Honokaa when you drive along Highway 19.... Read More
  • Hamakua Energy Partners

    PO Box 40 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1711
  • Hamakua Family Pharmacy

    PO Box 1363 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0496
  • Hamakua Framing and Stucture

    45-575 Plumeria St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1914
  • Hamakua Fudge Shop

    45-3611 Mamane St. #105 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1430
  • Hamakua Garden Center

    PO Box 236 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-7759800
  • Hamakua Health Center

    45-549 Plumeria St Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9133 http://www.hamakua-health.org
  • Hamakua Hideaway Cliff House

    PO Box 5125 48-5432 Kukuihaele Rd Kukuihaele HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7466
    Hamakua Hideaway Cliff House. Private secluded refuge for solitary spiritual renewal. Sounds of 50 ft waterfall & bamboo rustling in gentle tradewinds. Views of cliffs, ocean. Jacuzzi in screened lanai overlooking Waipio Valley. Massage, yoga & guided
  • Hamakua Hideaway Ocean View Cottages

    Kukuihaele HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7425
    Bed & Breakfast
  • Hamakua Maintenance

    45-3610 Mamane St. #1 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9507
    General Maintenance, Landscaping, Notary, Bookkeeping
  • Hamakua Sports Bar

    PO Box 143 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9083
  • Hana Naia & Golden Dolphin

    PO Box 8 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9797
    We offer lomilomi massage with pure aromatherapy oils blended on the Big Island by Hana Naia. We also blend many forms of energy work like reiki, craniosacral therapy, healing touch, color-light & sound therapy, La Stone hot rocks. Contacts: Markus
  • Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union

    45-690 Pakalana St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-930-7700 http://www.hicommfcu.com
    Our humble, one-room Credit Union was started by the efforts of 10 struggling coffee farmers during the midst of one of the nation’s worst economic periods – The Great Depression. They were refused loans and services from the few banks that existed in... Read More
  • Hawaii Sustainable Education Iniative

    45-3611 Mamane St. #101-102 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-443-9231
  • Hawaiian Air

    Hilo HI 96720
    Ph: 808-935-0858
    Hawaiian Airlines
  • Hawaiian Cloud Forest Coffee

    PO Box 370 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-936-3188 http://www.hawaiiancloudforestcoffee.com
  • Hawaiian Walkways, Inc.

    45-3674 Mamane Street Honoka`a Hawai`i 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0372
    Since 1984 Hawaiian Walkways has offered active visitors and residents the opportunity to see some of Hawai`i’s less-visited and most beautiful and dramatic places with the convenience and comfort of transportation, experienced guides and well-supplied
  • Heartlight Montessori Home School

    Ph: 808-557-4494
    Montessori based home school.
  • Heaton Electric

    Mamane St.
    Ph: 808-896-0337
  • Hele On Bus

    Honokaa HI 96720
    Ph: 808-961-8744
    Free Island-wide bus service Pick up and drop off in Honokaa is done in three locations: Upper parking lot of Honokaa Gym Complex Downtown 76 station In front of Blanes Map and Schedule available through link
  • Hirata Store

    45-3616 Mamane Street Honoka'a Hawaii 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-7746
  • Hokuloa Ranch

    44-3173 Kalanai Rd. Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9929
    Bed & Breakfast
  • Honokaa Elementary

    45-534 Pakalana St. Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-8820
    Welcome to Honoka’a Elementary School! Our school is nestled along the scenic Hamakua Coast in a beautiful rural setting. Honoka’a is a former sugar plantation town that retains the charm of Old Hawaii. We have students from kindergarten through sixth
  • Honokaa Filipino Store

    45-3577 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8800
  • Honokaa Gym

    Honoka'a High School Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7505
    Let's play!
  • Honokaa Health Center

    Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8843
    Health care
  • Honokaa High and Intermediate School

    45-527 Pakalana St Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8800
  • Honokaa Hongwanji Mission

    45-5016 Plumeria St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7232
  • Honokaa Jewelers

    45-3599 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8025
  • Honokaa Marketplace

    Mamane St. Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-8255
    Mary Guava Shop. Aloha wear and houseware
  • Honokaa Massage Therapy Clinic

    45-3290 Ohia St. Suite 3 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9755
    Mary Ann Sakamoto Janeice Pennington
  • Honokaa Massage Therapy Clinic

    435-3290 Ohia Street 3 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1111
    Massage Therapy
  • Honokaa Massage Therapy Clinic

    435-3290 Ohia Street 3 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1111
    Massage Therapy
  • Honokaa Natural Food

    45-3625 Mamane St Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-990-2679
    Honokaa's Natural food shopping place. Located next to Simply Natural Restaurant and Deli. Local Organic and Natural Food Selections.
  • Honokaa People's Theatre

    45-3574 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-0000 http://www.honokaapeople.com
    The historic People's Theatre has been entertaining Honokaa with films and live events since 1930. Check out our website for our schedule and information about our work to restore the lovely heart of Honokaa! Visit our homepage!
  • Honokaa Pool

    Honoka'a High School
    Ph: 808-775-0650
    Let's go for a swim!
  • Honokaa Public Library

    45-3380 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8881
  • Honokaa Seventh-Day Adventist Church

    45-3348 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1534
  • Honokaa Trading Company

    PO Box 1319 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0808
  • Honokaa Transfer Station

    Plumeria St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-961-8527
  • Honokaa United Methodist Church

    45-3525 Mamane St Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0566
  • Honomu Computer Resource Center

    Ph: 963-6889
  • Hot Lava Tax & Tows

    Ph: 808-557-0879
    Hot Lava Tax & Tows
  • Hotel Honokaa Club

    45-3480 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 1-800-808-0678 http://www.hotelhonokaa.com/
    Welcome to Hotel Honokaa in Hawaii's quaint town of Honokaa. We invite you to experience our local hospitality, wooden storefronts, shopping, and breathtaking scenery. During your stay, you will enjoy the nearby towns, parks, valleys and the stunning,... Read More
  • Ignacio's Auto Service

    45-3654 Honoka'a Waipio Hwy Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-7231
    A dedicated Auto service center with quality work done at a fair price. Hours: M-F 8-5, Sat 8-12.
  • Illuminations

    PO Box 1800 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9951
  • Infinity Consulting

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808)937-8291
    Infinity Consulting is a marketing company located on the Big Island of Hawaii and specializing in branding and marketing solutions for small businesses and start up companies on the Big Island of Hawaii (services are available in Hilo, Kona, Waimea /
  • Ishiki Electric

    PO Bo X5085 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7736
  • Jack Ramos Ranch

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0670
    Jack Ramos Ranch
  • Janeice Pennington Photography

    45-3290 Ohia Street 3 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1200
    All types of photography available.
  • JJ's Country Store

    PO Box 388 Honokaa Waipio Road Paauilo HI 96720
    Ph: 808-775-7744
    A Convenience Store offering Meats-Deli and Liquor and featuring ANTIBIOTIC FREE Grass-fed Beef, No Hormones, A selection of Organic Wines Available and Most Affordable Plate Lunches and Sandwiches. SEPTEMBER Specials! All Teriyaki Containters: Teriyaki... Read More
  • Jolene's Kau Kau Korner

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9498
    Jolene's Kau Kau Korner
  • JWP Services

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-9077
    Tree trimming, removal and chipping.
  • K Nalani Hance, RS Clark Realty Corp

    46-4021 Old Mamalahoa Hwy Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808 937-3858 http://www.clarkhawaii.com
    Local Realtor providing professional real estate services throughout the island of Hawaii with special focus in Honokaa, Waikoloa and Waimea
  • Kahilu Theatre Foundation

    P.O. Box 549 Kamuela HI 96727
    Ph: 808-885-6868
  • Kalopa Park

    Pa'auilo HI 96776
    Ph: 808-776-1841
    Kalopa Park
  • Kama'aina Woods

    45-469 Lehua Street Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7722 http://www.hulihands.com
    Factory and gift shop featuring handcrafted wood products of Koa, Milo, Mango and Norfolk pine made at our factory and/or in Hawaii. Products featured are bowls and accessories, our original Hawaiian Huli Hands and the Hawaiian Moon (a very intriguing... Read More
  • Karl Backus Large Format Photography

    Honokaa HI
  • King's Cathedral and Chapels

    45-3370 Old Mamalahoa Hwy Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8283
  • Kokua Computer Services

    PO Box 352 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-443-3932 http://www.kokuacomputer.com
    Commercial and residential computer service and repair for Windows and Mac systems. Service on site, by phone, remote desktop, or shop located near Pa'auilo. Call today to schedule an appointment. 808-443-3932. Aloha, Sam Baker
  • Kukaiau Ranch LLC

    Pa'auilo HI 96776
    Ph: 808-776-1841
    Kukaiau Ranch LLC
  • Laupahoehoe Public School Library

    P.O. Box 189 Laupahoehoe HI 96764
    Ph: 808-962-2229
  • Laupahoehoe Train Museum

    P.O. Box 358 Laupahoehoe HI 96764
    Ph: (808)962-6300
    We are a small, community-run museum located on the beautiful Hamakua Heritage Coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i. Our purpose is to honor the colorful history of the Hilo Railroad, which began in 1899 and lasted to 1946, when railroad tracks and facilities
  • Laupahoehoe Train Museum

    36-2377 Mamalahoa Highway Laupahoehoe HI 96764
    Ph: 808-962-6300
    We are a small, community-run museum located on the beautiful Hamakua Heritage Coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i. Our purpose is to honor the colorful history of the Hilo Railroad, which began in 1899 and lasted to 1946, when railroad tracks and facilities
  • Light on Death - The Spiritual Art of Dying

    PO Box 1553 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-9911
    Light on Death:The Spiritual Art of Dying. A 2008 Winner of The Independent Publisher Award. A powerful book that looks at life and death as a pilgrimage, presenting death as the last and most important rite of passage.
  • Local Natural Innovations

    45-3626 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 990-4079
    Local Natural Innovations is a creative sustainability business. Meaning we take old, unused and thrown out objects by turning them into something new and unique again. We offer our services to educate individuals and business owners how to do this to
  • Long Ears Hawaiian Coffee, LLC

    46-3689 Waipahi Place Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0385
    On an 8 acre estate nestled in the foothills of majestic Mauna Kea Mountain on the "Big Island" of Hawaii is a picturesque Ahualoa, "the long hill". Here in the cool 2,000' elevation, kissed by the mist of our Hawaiian rains, is the Long Ears Hawaiian
  • Luana Ola B&B Cottages

    PO Box 1967 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-1150
    Luana Vacation Cottages are located on the tropical Hamakua Coast, near Waipio Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii. Imagine watching the sunrise and sunset from your own private lanai with a panoramic, unobstructed ocean view.
  • Mahi'ai Creative & Frank Films

    PO Box 244 Paauilo HI 96776
    Ph: (808) 776-1535
    Providing photography, video and design to non-profits, public agencies and individuals. Sally Lundburg & Keith Tallett.
  • Maid in Hawaii

    PO BOX 242 HONOKAA HI 96727
    Ph: 808-776-1868
    30 years in business with experience in every type of cleaning service, and phase of business. Keen eye for detail. Own equipment & supplies. Reasonable rates. Quality service. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Makua Coffee Company

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 8089601493 http://www.MakuaCoffee.com
    Coffee Roasting, Coffee Grinding, Weigh/fill/Seal Bags of Coffee, Labeling, Cacao Roasting, Cacao Weigh/Fill/Seal and Labeling. Bookkeeping and Accounting Services
  • Malama Market

    45-502 Lehua St Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808 775 0631 http://www.honokaa.org/hamakua-directory/malama-market/
    Fresh Produce, Meats, Frozen and canned foods, groceries and sundry items all at reasonable prices with friendly folks to help you find anything you need.
  • Mauna Kea Mountain Bikes Inc.

    P.O. Box 44-672 Kamuela HI 96743
    Ph: 808-885-0130
    Mauna Kea Mountain Bikes Inc.
  • Maurice Miranda Insurance Agency

    45-3511 Mamane St. Ste 3 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7227
  • Maya's Clothings and Gifts

    Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-1016
  • Michael Thomas Piano/Percussion

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (415) 999-4109
    Currently accepting students: jazz, classical, new age, pop, broadway, standards, new music.
  • Miranda Fence Company

    44-371 Kalopa Rd. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9555
  • Miyasaki Store

    Paauilo HI 96727
    Ph: 808-776-1235
  • Moku Wai Piko Poi

    Honokaa HI
    Ph: (808) 775-0815
    Poi made by Jayson and Alberta Mock Chew.
  • Mountain Meadow Ranch Bed & Breakfast

    45-3895 Kapuna Rd. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9376
    Mountain Meadow Ranch Bed & Breakfast
  • Nai'a Aloha Child, Youth and Family Counseling

    P.o. Box 1377 Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-224-5008
    Licensed psychotherapy including play therapy for children, youth, families and adults in Honoka'a. Insurance accepted.
  • Nakahara, Scott DDS

    45-3290 Ohia St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7294
  • North Hawaii Adult Mental Health Services

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8835
    North Hawaii Adult Mental Health Services
  • North Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union

    45-3600 Mamane St Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7251
  • North Hawaii Education and Research Center

    45-539 Plumeria Street Honoka'a Hawaii 96727
    Ph: 808 775-8890
    The North Hawai‘i Education & Research Center (NHERC) is a distance learning site for the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo. Credit classes are offered in the fall and spring semesters. The credit classes are available either on-site or online, and are open... Read More
  • North Hawaii Regional Special Ed. Diagnostic Team

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8895
    North Hawaii Regional Special Ed. Diagnostic Team
  • North Hawaii Regional Special Ed. School Psychologist

    Paauilo HI 96776
    Ph: 808-776-7726
    North Hawaii Regional Special Ed. School Psychologist
  • Nurses R' Us

    45-3490 Mamane Street Honokaa Hawaii 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9322
    Professional Home Healthcare: Registered Nurses and Certified Nurse Assistants Licensed in Hawaii since 1988 Physician referrals only Initial assessment by appointment inclusive POB 925 Kamuela, Hawaii 96743 Cellular: 808-557-1795 Please
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Rectory

    45-5028 Plumeria St. Honokaa H 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0591
  • Our Place Papaikou's B & B

    PO Box 469 27-228 Mamalahoa Hwy Papaikou HI 96781
    Ph: 808-964-5250
    Our Place Papaikou's B & B. Bed & Breakfast/Retreat with licensed acupuncturist with National Certification by NCCAOM. Overlooks tropical garden & stream. Master-bedroom suite with king bed, private bath. Oriental suite, two rooms, queen & full size bed.
  • Pa'auilo Gym

    Ph: 808-776-7601
    Let's Play!
  • Paauilo Elementary & Intermediate School

    Ph: 776-7713
  • Paauilo Village Service

    43-1494 Hauola Road Paauilo HI 96776
    Ph: 808-776-1542
  • Pacific Coast Properties

    45-3590 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-9566
    Pacific Coast Properties, Inc. has served the Hamakua-North Kohala District of Hawai‘i since 1988. Offering real estate sales, property management and vacation rentals. Our Office is located in the heart of Honoka‘a, a small rural town that once served
  • Pacific-Front Paradise

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (201) 314-9878
    Pacific-Front Paradise
  • Papi'o Editing

    PO Box 1366 Kamuela HI 96743
    Ph: 808-885-4621
  • Paradise Dog Kennels

    PO Box 1309 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-0024
    We specialize in delightful Shorty Jack Russell Terriers known for their great temperament and sound conformation.
  • Pines & Palms Properties, LLC

    P.O. Box 1049 Honokaa Hawaii 96727
    Ph: 808-430-2520 http://
    Home Improvement Services including: painting, drywall, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, flooring and more. Repairs, remodel, and maintenance of commercial and residential properties. Affordable, efficient and quality work to improve your home and business.
  • Private Cottage

    Honokaa HI
    Ph: (808) 775-1150
    Private Cottage
  • Rachel's Little Glass Shack - Stained Glass Art

    PO Box 352 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 776-1913
    The inspiration for my glass pieces come from nature and the beauty of the glass itself. Glass has the unique ability to look different under different lighting conditions. Its translucency makes it so that as your perspective on the stained glass piece
  • Rock Solid Masonry

    Honokaa HI
    Ph: (808) 775-9450
    Sidewalls, Driveways, Foundations, Rock & Brick Walls, Restoration and Repairs, Concrete Work and Much More!
  • Salvation Army

    45-5111 Rickard Place Honokaa Hi 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7346
  • Sarah Anderson Photography

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 987-9076
    Reasonable rates, family and pet friendly.
  • Scada & Control Systems, LLC

    PO Box 2029 Honoka'a HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-8031 http://
    SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition.
  • Seismic Search

    PO 261 Paauilo 96776
    Ph: 808-776-9875 http://www.seismic-search.com
    Offering office, admin and data services to local businesses and individuals Provide Search and Recruitment for mainland clients
  • Serenity in Hawaii

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-1614
    Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, organic home grown food food and gentle living!
  • Simply Natural

    45-3625 Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0119
    Home of Banana Taro Pancakes and the famous Spicy Tuna Melt. OPen from 8 am to 3 pm daily. Fresh Organic Hamakua Salads, Organic Free Range Eggs and the cleanest food in town! Simply Natural Open Mic Nite the last Friday of the Month. Come and do
  • Small Wonders Day Care

    45-3350 Ulu Street Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0603
    Offering quality childcare for our keiki in an intimate home setting. Accepting children ages 18 mo-5 yrs.
  • Smallbiz Solutions, Inc.

    45-3290 Ohia Street Suite 5 Honoka'a Hawai'i 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9594
    Accounting, Tax Services, Starting a Business, Small Business Support. Serving the Hamakua Coast for the last 10 years. January-June ~ Mon-Fri 9-6 July-December ~ Mon-Thu 9-1 Please call for an appointment.
  • Soul Journeys: Retreats & Pilgrimages

    PO Box 1553 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9911
    Soul Journeys: Retreats & Pilgrimages. Private & group retreats, vision quests & pilgrimages. Specializing in Hawaiian odysseys, soul journeys, women's wellness retreats, yoga & meditation. Contact: Questing Spirit, LLC, Ana Jones Rev, RMT.
  • Symbiosis

    45-3587 Mamane St. Honoka'a Hawaii 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0333 http://symbiosishawaii.com
    The Best Healthy Living Eco-Boutique! Enjoy our hand picked selection of "Green" gifts and essentials, many made right here in Hamakua. Mom & Baby section offers the best from BPA Free bottles to Ergo Baby Carriers. Kid's clothing, toys, books, and... Read More
  • T & T Parel Mini Mart & Snack Shoppe

    42-1027 Hawai'I Belt Road Paauilo HI 96776
    Ph: 808-776-1113
    T & T Parel Mini Mart & Snack Shoppe
  • Taro Patch Gifts

    PO Box 1888 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-7228 http://taropatchgifts.com
    Taro Patch Gifts is a must stop if you are looking for things Hawaiian. We are friendly and fun and looking forward to helping you select a perfect gift or a special treasure for yourself. The Aloha spirit is alive and well in our shop! Some products... Read More
  • Teri's Custom Sewing

    Mamane St. Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9706
  • Tex Drive-In

    PO Box 639 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0598 http://dutchhawaii.com
  • Tex Inc

    191 Hualalai St HIlo HI 96720-3848
    Ph: 808-961-3443
  • The Arc Of Kona

    PO Box 127 Kealakekua HI 96750
    Ph: 808-775-1090
  • The Blue Lotus

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-0548
    The Blue Lotus
  • The Studio: Center for Holistic Arts

    PO Box 1553 45-3684 Mamane St Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-9911
    Rev. Ana Jones, RMT, Medical Intuitive. Ana Jones is a nationally known interfaith minister, reiki master healer/master teacher & medical intuitive with 26 years of experience & expertise in energy healing modalities. Private Sessions are offered island
  • Traditional Chinese Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

    PO Box 1172 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-8271
    Zizi Zolten-Chandler, LAC
  • Tropical Flowers Hawaii

    Ph: 808-776-1434
  • Tropical Hawaiian

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 217-3008
    Tropical Hawaiian
  • UH Manoa Ag. Experimental Station

    Paauilo HI
    Ph: 808-776-1066
    UH Manoa Ag. Experimental Station
  • Val Kim Fine Art Photography

    Honokaa HI
    Ph: 808-776-1085
    Valerie Yong Ock Kim divides her time between her native Hawaii and Los Angeles, her home for the past 20 years. Her photography embraces the simplicity and elegance of the Hawaiian traditions with which she was raised, while it captures the essence of
  • VM Souza Farm

    PO Box 1736 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-776-1670
  • Volcano Island Honey

    Ph: 808-775-1000
  • Waianuhea Bed & Breakfast

    45-3503 Kahana Drive Honokaa HI 96727-0185
    Ph: 808-775-1118
    Waianuhea (cool, soft fragrance, as of upland forests) is a bed and breakfast with a vision to provide soothing, peaceful, and luxurious accommodations. Located in beautiful Ahualoa, mauka of Honokaa, Waianuhea combines a sense of remote retreat with
  • Waipio Rim

    Kukuihaele HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-1727
    Vacation Rentals by Owner Listing #266900
  • Waipio Valley Artworks

    48-5416 Kukuihale Road Kukuihale HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0958
    Our gallery has proudly represented Hawaii's artists for eighteen years. Exclusively featured are Koa heirloom bowls, furniture, raku, ceramics, handblown glass, jewelry, and a fantastic library. Local art is displayed in original and print form.
  • Waipio Wayside Bed & Breakfast Inn

    P.O. Box 840 Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: 808-775-0275
    Waipio Wayside Bed & Breakfast Inn
  • Wharton Seafood Sales

    Ph: 808-776-1087
  • Windline Pacific Woodworks

    Honokaa HI 96727
    Ph: (808) 775-8230
    If it's wood and can be fixed we can fix it! We also do fine woodwork, including picture frames using local hardwoods.
  • Zachary's Plumbing

    Honokaa HI
    Ph: 808-214-2234
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